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The FMV Restricted Stock Study™

If you're valuing illiquid assets or determining marketability discounts for any reason, The FMV Restricted Stock Study™ is THE PREMIER SOURCE OF EMPIRICAL SUPPORT!

The most widely used restricted stock database provides you with nearly 800 restricted stock transactions through the end of 2012. With rich detail on each transaction, the database can be used to refine marketability discounts based on up to 65 different company-specific parameters!

FMV and Business Valuation Resources (BVR) have recently released the new FMV DLOM Calculator™, a groundbreaking web-based application which dramatically reduces the time and effort in deriving marketability discounts!

Both the FMV Restricted Stock Study™ and the FMV DLOM Calculator™ are supplemented by Determining Discounts for Lack of Marketability - A Companion Guide to The FMV Restricted Stock Study™, a freely available informational and instructional guide.

Take action today to bulletproof your marketability discount opinions! Click here to license The FMV Restricted Stock Study™ or call one of our helpful representatives at (503) 291-7963 x0.

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