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Corporate Overview and Philosophy

FMV Opinions, Inc. is dedicated to providing companies, business owners, and their financial advisors with the highest-quality business valuation and financial opinion services available. We have built a reputation for superior service, technical expertise, and a commitment to excellence. We focus our expertise on one area - valuation - and our attention on one person - the client.

Valuation analysis is the core business of FMV Opinions, not an adjunct to other services. Because our fees are noncontingent, we can offer clients the unbiased perspective and independent posture required to deliver an accurate, objective determination of value.

Our state-of-the-art analysis is sophisticated, thorough, and tailored to each situation. We have earned the confidence and respect of our clients and their advisors because we present our conclusions clearly. Our on-time FMV valuations withstand the rigorous expert scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service, other regulatory bodies, and outside experts.

Experienced Team of Professionals

FMV professionals have extensive experience in the valuation of closely held companies, publicly traded firms, and real estate of all types. Most hold advanced degrees from top business schools across the nation. Our professionals have completed hundreds of successful engagements for individuals and businesses in a wide variety of industries ranging in size from small, start-up businesses to those with aggregate values exceeding several billion dollars.

Key members of the senior staff have been published widely in their fields of expertise, lectured before industry, regulatory, and academic audiences, and provided expert testimony in legal proceedings. In addition, FMV professionals have been retained by federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, to provide valuation, instructional, and consulting assistance.

FMV Opinions believes senior-level involvement is crucial to ensure successful performance and expeditious project turnaround. Once the scope of an engagement has been defined, team members are assigned according to their particular strengths, experience, and industry knowledge. In addition, our valuation analysis undergoes a multilevel review process to ensure accuracy, completeness, and technical consistency.

Leading-Edge Financial Theory

Merton Miller and Franco Modigliani sparked the birth of modern financial theory when they introduced the foundation for the Capital Asset Pricing Model in 1958. Since that time, CAPM has served as the foundation for works by numerous other financial theorists, including Sharpe, Lintner, Brennan, Black, Rubinstein, Kraus, Litzenberger, Levy, Breeden, and Markowitz. Other financial theories, including the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model and CAPM's progeny, the Arbitrage Pricing Theory, have further advanced our understanding of valuation.

FMV Opinions utilizes the latest financial theories and models to ensure a correct and supportable valuation conclusion. Our professionals are well grounded in advanced financial theory and maintain their knowledge through continuing education and internal training.

Comprehensive Research

In today's litigious environment, a valuation must be supported by empirical data, not just an appraiser's unsubstantiated opinion. FMV Opinions is distinguished by its extensive research resources and dedicated staff of research analysts. We maintain a comprehensive library that includes multiple online and database services that enable our research analysts to immediately access the most current financial data worldwide.

We are also recognized nationally for our FMV proprietary databases on Rule 144 stock transactions (for discounts for lack of marketability), Partnership/REIT net asset values and undivided interest transactions (for real estate discounts), and large block transactions (for blockage discounts). In addition, we are often retained to conduct unique research used to resolve valuation issues in unusual and complex situations.

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